How Heat Pumps work?



Detian ASWH only consumes minimal electricity. It utilizes heat from the surrounding environment via thermal circulation, conveys it to a condenser by a compressor and releases the heat to the water in a tank and heat it up. The way a ASHW works is similar to how an air conditioner cools down the temperature. And the main difference is, an air conditioner absorbs the heat in the indoor environment and therefore cools down the temperature of the indoor air , whereas an air-source water heater uses the heat to heat up the water.

Detian air-sourced water heaters are innovative, highly efficient and energy-saving and very environmental friendly products. The energy efficiency ratios of our ASWHs are four times higher than electric water heaters, five times higher than gas water heaters, two times higher than solar energy water heaters. When operating for hot water only, Detian ASWH can generate as much as 4 times of the heat equivalent to your cost for electricity; When operating for both hot water and air-conditioning, the Detian ASWH's output can be up to 6.8 times of the heat for your electricity cost.

Detian ASWH products are optimally environmental friendly and safe. No contaminated water, gas or solids are caused by our products, neither risks from gas leakage, power uninsulation or explosion.

Ultimate One-Stop Heat Pump Solution

1- Central Hot Water System

Detian's highly efficient and energy-saving ASWHs with industry-leading technology provide advanced central hot water system for institutional customers consuming large volume of hot water, such as hotels, factories, school, swimming pools and beauty salon etc. 


2- Central Air Condition System

While heating up the water, Detian's air-source water heaters can also supply substantial volume of cooled air for indoor use. 


3- Central Floor Heating System

Detian has invented the technically challenging multi-level enthalpy enhancement system and  frost-free systems which are perfect solution for uses of water heating and floor warming in extremely cold environment where temperature is at -25℃ or lower. These systems are also of fast heating, high efficiency and energy saving properties. 


4- Household Hot Water System

Detian also offers products suitable for household use - heated water temperature can reach up to 70℃ - largely reduces the number of microorganisms in household environment and creates healthier home for your family. 

Economic Analysis


The Cost of Heating Water (One Year) 

The above data is only for reference.


Analysis of the cost of heating water in one year

● Gas Water Heater

The cost of heating water per year with an LPG-fueled water heater can reach up to RMB 2,030, due to the significant heat loss and low transform efficiency. 

● Electric Water Heater

An electrical water heater can cost about RMB 1,785 for water heating. 

●Detian Air-Source Water Heater

Detian air-sourced water heaters with the heat pump technology and high heat transforming efficiency cost only RMB 363 a year to supply water, saving 70-85% of the cost.