Pressure-bearing & Instant-heating 1.5P

Product Introduction

Detian developed pressure-bearing & instant-heating ASWH.

The product has been authenticated by The Science and Technology Bureau, and the pressure-bearing & instant-heating technology is nationally leading.

Highlight of Product


Instant Heating

Detian's pressure-bearing instant-heating ASWHs can heat cold water instantly up to 60 °C.  Customers can set the output water at any temperature up to 60 °C. This series of water heaters do not need recycle circulation heating nor supplemented electricity.


Super Powerful Heating Capability

Multiple national patents employed in this series of Detian ASWHs. Output heated water can be as hot as 75 °C.


Continuous Heating Capacity

When continuously supplying hot water, pressure-bearing instant-heating ASWHs can heat water in the tank simultaneously. The temperature balancing and throttling technology employed in this product guarantees the temperature of output water, also continuously supply high-temperature hot water.


High Efficiency & Energy-saving

Detian's product adopts the advanced technology to separate cold and hot water in multiple geometric cabins, achieving the hot water utilization rate is 100% (average hot water utilization ratio is 50% in the industry). Comparing with the same size water tank, Detian's product can save up to 50% energy.


Heat Balance

The double temperature control devices ensure even heat distribution throughout the entire water tank, and in turn reduce the chances to restart the machine, therefore easier operation and better energy saving. 


Energy-Saving Configuration

The product doesn’t need extra configurations such as circulation pump and turbo pump. Therefore, the electricity consumption can be reduced, and high efficiency and energy saving are achieved.


Central Water Recollection System

Via the wireless remote control device, remaining cold water in pipelines can be intelligently recollected, thus ensure the immediate hot water supply at each user points. (Optional)


Central Water-Supply System

The long-distance pressurized water-supply system in pipe network can provide enough hot water to each water-consuming point. Also the water can be used in several water-consuming points simultaneously.


Safety Protection System

Our products are equipped with 16 systematic protection functions to guarantee the user’s safety and comfort.


Smart Design & Aesthetic Appearance

The product adopted the integrated design concept, therefore the internal structure is compact and efficient and the appearance is simple and practical.  Easy installation - just connect the water inlet and outlet.


Product Configuration: Integrated type & Separated  type (optional)

Power Options: 1.5P/ 2P/ 3P

Application: Suitable for apartment, villa, hair salon, entertainment clubs etc., where large volume of continuous hot water is needed instantly.

Technical Data