Direct-Heating Circulation ASWH 1.5P

Highlight of Product


Continuous Heating

By directly heating the water and adjusting water flow, this series of products are able to supply hot water instantly at set temperature (temperature can be set freely from 30 – 60°C). The heat exchange optimally heats up the cold water, achieving higher energy-efficiency ratio, more stable machine performance and longer service life.


High Efficiency and Energy-Saving

While hot water is continuously supplied, incoming cold water is heated before replenishing the hot water, which increases the heat usage by not mixing the hot water with cold water. 


Temperature Maintenance

The automatic reheat function maintains consistent water temperature in the tank. 


Automatic Water Recollection

Cold water in pipelines can be automatically recollected so as to supply hot water instantly, thanks to the electronic control system with intelligent water temperature sensor and control function.


Safety System

Over 20 safety measures in the product, including Detian's exclusive pre-operation automatic detection and in-process stability control systems, ensure equipment safe performance.


Product Configuration: Separated type

Power Options: 1.5P/ 2P/ 3P/ 5P/ 10P/ 20P

Application: Suitable for apartments, villa, factories, hotels and restaurants, swimming pools, and entertainment clubs etc.

Technical Data