Multifunctional Combination ASWH 6P

Product  Introduction

The multifunctional combination ASWH originated from Detian integrates the functions of heat pump Quad-generation system ASWH and air-cooled heat exchange ASWH.

The product can automatically control heating or refrigeration function according to different operation modes; also with the heat pump Quad-generation system, the air-cooled heat exchange unit can operate the heating and refrigeration function simultaneously or operate them separately in order to maximize the energy-saving effect. The several national patented innovation technologies contribute to the excellent quality and stable performance.

As the saying goes, the truth comes from comparison; the best comes from experience.

Highlight of Product


Powerful Functions

The product provides the functions of central hot water system, central floor heating system, as well as central cold and hot air conditioning system. The highest temperature of hot water can reach up to 75℃; the lowest temperature of (incoming) cold water can reach to 0℃; Customers will be able to enjoy the cool and fresh air along with the hot water supply at no extra cost. 


Combined Modules

The product is composed by several systems of independent units of multifunctional module. It can automatically increase or reduce the output power of units according to demands and generates the heat and cold at the same time. 


Scientific System

The integrated system is composed by several different independent systems, which work and connect in parallel, and can avoid the problem when machine cannot operate caused by a fault individual system. Thus, the scientific system can largely increase the stability of performance.


Energy-Saving Configuration

The product employs pressure-bearing and fast-heating mode; hence the speed of heating is faster than the conventional heat pump products. Also the product doesn’t need extra configurations such as circulation pump and pressure pump, therefore the goal of high efficiency and energy saving can be achieved.


High Efficiency & Energy-Saving

Detian's product adopts the advanced technology to separate cold and hot water in multiple geometric cabins, achieving the hot water utilization rate is 100% (average hot water utilization rate is 50% in the industry). Comparing with the same size water tank, Detian's product can save up to 50% energy.


Automatical Frequency Conversion

The product can automatically adjust the output power according to varied cold and heat demands; it balances the output power and energy consumption and thus saves energy.


Central Water Recovery System

The wireless remote control device can intelligently recollect remaining cold water in the pipelines, and ensure hot water can be used immediately in each water-consuming point. (Optional)


Noise-Reduction Design

Our unique design of air guide channel eliminates resonance vibration of machine shell and reduces the noise. The machine operates with low noise and users can enjoy comfortable and peaceful shower.


Safety Protection System

The product is equipped with 16 safety mechanism, especially the automatic detection control system performing safety scanning prior to the machine operates, the condition detection protection device and the protection devices will operate when the machine operates unstably. Altogether these mechanisms safeguard the effective and safe operation of the product.


Product Configuration: Integrated type only

Power options: 4P/ 6P/ 10P/ 12P/ 20P/ 30P

Application: Suitable for villa, hotels, large entertainment clubs etc., where large volume of continuous hot water plus conditioned air are consumed constantly.

Technical Data