Strong R & D strength


Since established in 2009, Detian insisted to provide the best products with high quality to customers by leading edge technology. Hence, We invested large numbers of capital and manpower to build a professional team, which has strong capability of R & D. Our team members came from different top universities and have different profession backgrounds, including refrigeration, Thermal energy and etc. In addition, we established the refrigeration and air-source technology laboratory and became the designated cooperative partner with China Academy of Science in 2012.

Ten core technologies contribute to Detian's perfect ASWH


Core technology is the foundation of enterprise development. Currently, we offer 13 series, over 80 high-tech products, which can meet various customers’ demands such as domestic water, commercial water and floor heating and etc.

During R & D process, Detian conquered many technical challenges that haven't been tackled in industry. Detian mastered ten core technologies of air-source water heater, including pressure-bearing & Fast-heating technology, frost-free heating technology, inverter system & enthalpy enhancement technology, Quad-Generation technology and etc.

All of these technologies contribute to the five main advantages of Detian's products: Fast heating, High efficiency and Energy-saving, Second to none performance, Low temperature heating and Practicality and Durability.



● Pressure-bearing & Fast-heating Technology

Our pressure-bearing and fast -heating technology has conquered the technical challenge of slow heating that the conventional static heat exchange technology fails to tackle. Products equipped with such technology instantly heat the cold water up to 60°C (freely adjustable output water temperature). 


● Multiple Heat Exchangers Technology

The technology of multiple heat exchangers in our products excels the conventional single-exchanger water heaters with much quick hot water supply at up to 70 °C. 



● Frost-free Heating Technology

Our innovative frost-free heating technology enables our products efficiently operate in unfavorable environment of low temperature and high humidity, instantly supplying hot water and significantly saving 35-40% energy. 


● Energy Recollection Technology

Our energy recollection technology utilizes the residual heat generated by the heat exchanger system - which will otherwise undermine the system efficiency and performance stability. This technology thus helps the high efficiency and stable performance of our ASWHs while contributing extra up to 20% heating efficiency. 



● Quad-Generation Technology

The unique Quad-Generation technology is a breakthrough solution to provide both hot water and cooled air (Hot Water + Air Condition mode). Detian's ASWH products with this technology are able to quickly heat up the water to 70°C meanwhile constantly cool down the powerful air flow in the air conditioner system by 12 - 16 °C. 


● Hot & Cold Water Seperation Technology

The technology to separate hot and cold water is the perfect solution for the low temperature of outgoing heated water, as the heated water and incoming cold water are mixed in the heating tank in conventional water heaters. In Detian's products, heated water is completely used without being discounted by the incoming cold water. Heated water output from Detian ASWHs doubles the output from regular water heaters with same tank sizes.

Low-Temperature Heating


● The Inverter system & Enthalpy Enhancement Technology

The inverter system and enthalpy enhancement technology have satisfactorily solved many problems in cold and extremely cold environment, for instance, long heating time, low temperature of output heated water, and equipment mal-function etc. This system enables the high efficiency of equipment performance at even -25°C, and at 0°C, Detian ASWHs are two times faster in heating than the same volume heat pump products. 

● Low-Temperature Patented Technology

Conventional heat pump products operating in condition where temperature is lower than 0°C encounter such problems as extended heating course, low energy efficiency and low temperature heated water. Detian's products with the patented technology are capable to satisfactorily function when temperature drops to 0°C or lower, supplying water at up to 60 °C.  

Practicality & Durability


● Dual Condensation & Evaporation Technology

Conventional water heaters operating in refrigeration mode will often cause such problems as incomplete evaporation, or inadequate returned air. Detian's dual condensation and evaporation technology have perfectly solved these problems, further lowered the condenser temperature and enhanced the evaporation effect, which can ensure the product operates stably and increase the refrigeration efficiency up to 15%.


● High Temperature & Depressurization Technology

The high temperature and depressurization technology have solved three technical problems, i.e., high pressure of return air, high current in compressor and high discharge temperature, which commonly occurred when a conventional heat pump water heater supplies high temperature hot water and heating circulation. With this technology, Detian's product can operate well even in high temperature conditions and heat the water up to 80℃.