Professional Service


Detian's professional after-sale team provides our customers with star-rated after-sale services, from product consultation, scheme design, product installation, technical support, to product maintenance and customization. Detian seasoned professional technicians with the best service spirit guarantee the comfortable and stress-free user experience. A 24-hour service hotline is open to all the customers anytime. Just give us a ring and we will try our best to solve all the problems for you. We believe that: the profession creates value!

Service Content

Product Consultation

We provide professional suggestions to you, including product information and product selection.


Scheme Design

We offer the most professional air-source and related scheme design service. (Appointment required)


Product Installation

We provide you professional air-source and related products installation service. (Appointment required)


Technical Support

We provide professional long-distance technical support to you and answer your questions on product use and maintenance.


Product Maintenance

We provide you the most professional maintenance service on air-source and related products and arrange the professional technician to conduct comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the products.



We provide you professional customization service on air-source and related products. The range of customization includes super high/low temperature ASWH or frost-free ASWH and etc. 



After-Sale Procedure and Related Issues


1、We strictly execute the national household appliance regulations and our company policy, and provide the best service to our customers.

2、Before using our product, our technician will advise our customers to read the related content in the product manual and guide customers to install and use product correctly. This can avoid unnecessary loss and personal injury, from machine damage and accidents caused by equipment misuse.

3、In addition, we will teach customers how to maintain the product to avoid unnecessary economic loss due to the product damage caused by irresistible issues such as natural disaster.