Solar Energy & Air-Source Unit 1.5P

Highlight of Product


● The combination of heat bump and solar energy has perfectly achieved extra energy saving. Heat pumps provide energy in cloudy or raining days and seasons, whereas in sunny days and seasons, solar energy system is the main source. The combined system supplies hot water round the clock.


● The intelligent detection and monitoring system, specifically developed by Detian for the heat pump & solar energy combination products. The programmed system is able to calculate the heat value from solar energy, and the duration to heat up the water. When there is insufficient solar energy, the heat pumps will automatically operate to provide the heat to heat the water up to the set temperature. Solar energy is the primary energy source whereas heat pumps back up. Thus, extra energy saving is accomplished.


Product Configuration: Separated type

Power Options: 1.5P/ 2P/ 3P/ 5P/ 10P/ 20P

Application: Suitable for factories, school, hotels and restaurants etc.

Technical Data