Water Circulation ASWH 5P

Highlight of Product


Fast Heating

Water can be quickly heated up to 70° via heat exchange of speedy water circulation.


Product Options

Customized combinations of multiple units are available in accordance to customer’s need of consumption, so are the insulated water tanks in various sizes. These products can satisfy the demand of large volume hot water.



This product line equipped with highly efficient titanium and stainless steel heat exchangers is designed specially for swimming pools and industrial users which require high corrosion resistance. The design of large size inlets and outlets for circulated water, largely improves heat exchange efficiency, stabilizes the equipment performance and prolong the service life.



Safety System

Up to 22 safety measures are employed in the products of this series (12 on average in the industry) to assure safe operation, including the exclusive safety systems of pre-operation automatic detection and in-process stability control.


Product Configuration: Separated type

Power Options: 1.5P/ 2P/ 3P/ 5P/ 10P/ 20P/ 30P

Application: Places consuming large volume of hot water, e.g., hotels, schools, swimming pool and factories.

Technical Data