Air-Cooled Heat Exchange ASWH 20P

Highlight of Product


Air-Cooled Module

This series of products are designed to integrate multiple systems and functions. Air-cooling heat exchange system instead of water and ground heat exchange system is used in these products. Therefore circulation pumps are not needed, and in turn operational costs are largely reduced.


Parallel Combination

The powerful air-cooling heat exchange set comprises of several integrated units parallelly connected, suitable for a wide range of usage due to its versatility. 


Automatic Output Conversion

During operation, the air-cooling heat exchange set automatically adjusts the output in accordance with the demand of cold (or heat) so as to perfectly meet the demand in an energy efficient manner.


Excellent Performance

Reliable and stable performance; temperature of supplied water can be as hot as 70℃, or as cold as 0℃.


Optional Upgrades Available

Upgraded technology options are available to best meet customer demands for the best equipment performance in the specific environment, including a range of patented technologies e.g., frost free systems, enthalpy-enhanced inversion, dual evaporation and condensation.



The product automatically and intelligently controls the alternate operations of multi systems in order to ensure balanced and consistent workload on each system, and ultimately, prolong the service life.


Product Configuration: Integrated type

Power Options: 6P/ 10P/ 20P/ 30P

Application: Suitable for places which need hot water at consistent temperature, e.g., swimming pool, spa, commercial bath etc.

Technical Data