Extra High Temperature ASWH 5P

Product  Introduction

Detian's extra high temperature ASWHs employ several national patented technologies and have successfully conquered technical challenges to supply hot water at extra high temperature (over 80°C).

Detian Extra High Temperature ASWHs, of extraordinary quality, high energy efficiency and stable performance, are ideal solution for customers who need higher temperature hot water.

Highlight of Product


Temperature and Pressure Reduction Technology

Patented technologies of temperature and pressure reduction successfully control the high venting temperature, high compressor current and high pressure of returned air, in turn heat up the water to much higher temperature (over 80 °C) without compromising the equipment performance and efficiency. 


Safety Protection System

These products equipped with 22 safety protection mechanism (average 12 safety measures employed in the industry), including the exclusive automatic detection control system for preventive detection and protection prior to ASWHs operating, and the other one detecting and protecting the equipment during the operation. 


Easy Maintenance

The control system is capable to indicate the information when an error is found, with which, our after-sales service can promptly identify the problem and provide the right solution.


Product Range

A wide range of products available, equipped with either direct-heating circulation unit or water circulation unit. Temperature of hot water can be flexibly adjusted from 30℃ to 80℃.


Product Configuration: Separated type

Power Options: 3P/ 5P/ 10P/ 20P

Application: Suitable for commercial kitchen, electroplating factories, leather factories, slaughter houses, etc. where mega volume of high temperature hot water is consumed.

Technical Data