Quad-Generation System ASWH

Product  Introduction


Heat pump Quad-Generation system ASWH is one of the most representative products in Detian, with many advantages such as extra energy saving, free air conditioning while heating water at no additional utility costs.

Governmental authority has verified that Detian's heat pump technologies are nationally advanced.

Highlight of Product



This series of products can operate in various modes, including hot water supply only, hot water supply plus heating, independent hot and cool air conditioning; independent floor heating; and hot water plus air conditioning. This series of ASWHs can be controlled by artificial intelligence.


Highly Efficient and Energy-Saving

When operating for both hot water and air conditioning, the circulatory hot water temperature can reach up to 55℃, while air temperature drops down by 12-14℃. Energy efficiency ratio of heating and refrigeration can be as much as 6.8.


Dual Condensation and Evaporation Technology

Dual condensation and evaporation technologies are incorporated in this series of products. In both low and high temperature environment, product performance is more stable and the energy efficiency ratio of heating and refrigeration is increased by 10%.


Safe and Energy-Saving

The total power consumption by the heat bump multi-functional ASWH system is only 50 – 80% of the total of the power consumption by a separate air conditioner plus a water heater. The low power consumption also eliminates the risk from potential electricity overload and in turn assures the safe electricity usage.


Central Water Recollection System

Cold water remaining in the piping network can be recollected via the wireless remote control. In this way, hot water can reach each water usage outlet instantly when the user valves turn on. (optional)


Central Water-Supply System

The long-distance pressurized water-supply system in piping network provides enough pressure to deliver hot water to each water usage outlet. Hot water can be used in multiple usage outlets at the same time.


Stable System

Products are equipped with full set of artificial intelligent controllers controlling the central air-conditioning and the circulation system, ensuring stable system performance.


Environmental Friendly and Healthy

The central air conditioning system with the cold-water circulation prevents moisture lost in the cooled air, creating more comfortable and healthier environment.


Wild Range of Products

A wide range of products for your choices, from integrated system with all built-in-functions to separated units cluster of respective functions in various power sizes. Two types of heat exchange systems are available to meet customers' different preference, i.e., fluorine circulation heat exchange or cold-water circulation heat exchange.



Various types of central air-conditioning terminals are available for both commercial and residential users, e.g., wall type, cabinet type, concealed ceiling type and fan coil type, so as to largely match the interior decoration.


Product Configuration: Integrated type & Separated type (optional)

Power Options: 3P/ 5P/ 10P/ 20P

Application: Suitable for places e.g., apartments, villa, swimming pool, hair salon, the entertainment clubs etc. where large volume of water is consumed.

Technical Data