Pressure-Bearing & Fast-Heating 180L

Product  Introduction

Detian invented the pressure-bearing & fast-heating ASWHs. The product equipped with the patented multi-dimensional fast-heating technology.

The product has many advantages, including fast heating speed, high temperature hot water, 100% hot water utilization and etc. Detian has already become the pioneer of heat pump technology reformation.

Highlight of Product


Multi-Dimensional Fast-Heating 

Detian is the inventor of multi-dimensional fast-heating technology. With this technology, the heating speed has greatly improved comparing with conventional heat pump products.


Highly-Efficient Heat Reservation

The product heats the water in multiple dimensions from top to bottom simultaneously. The temperature of hot water can reach up to 70℃ and it can store more heat in the tank.


Heat Distribution

The temperature sensor was designed in the bottom of water tank, ensuring even heat distribution in the entire water tank during heating process.


High Efficiency & Energy-Saving

Detian's product adopts the advanced technology to separate cold and hot water in multiple geometric cabins, achieving the hot water utilization rate is 100% (average hot water utilization rate is 50% in the industry). Comparing with the same size water tank, Detian's product can save up to 50% energy.


Practicality & Durability

The set temperature range for equipment restart is as wide as 18℃, which lowers the frequency of equipment restarting and in turn extend the machine’s service life.


Central Water Recovery System

The wireless remote control device can intelligently recollect remaining cold water in the pipelines, and ensure hot water can be used immediately in each water-consuming point. (Optional)


Central Water-Supply System

The long-distance pressurized water-supply system in pipelines provides enough hot water to each water-consuming point. Also hot water can be used in multiple water-consuming points simultaneously.


Stable Performance

During the system design process, control system device was optimized, minimizing the chances of equipment errors.


Comfortable Bath

Cold water coming into the tank does not discount the temperature of hot water, and the temperature of output hot water remains constant. Therefore, the users always feel comfortable during showering.


Smart Design & Aesthetic Outfit

Integrated design concept was employed in this product, e.g., concealed integrated inducer, aesthetic appearance, small product size and easy installation. 


Product Configuration: Integrated type & Separated type (optional)

Power Options: 1.5P/ 2P/ 3P/ 5P

Application: Suitable for apartments, villa, beauty salon, gym clubs etc., where large volume of hot water is consumed.

Technical Data